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Gavin Newsom Sued For Refusing Rally During Lockdowns

In April of 2020, when draconian and unconstitutional orders were sent out by liberal governors across the country, Chris Bish (R-California), former Director of Educational Freedom Initiative, joined fellow activist Ron Givens to create a protest against California’s Democrat Governor, Gavin Newsom’s, “stay at home order” and sought a permit to rally at the state capital in Sacramento.  After being denied their First Amendment rights, Bish and Givens sought legal counsel from the Dhillon Law Group and The Center for American Liberty.  They filed a lawsuit and have been represented in Federal Court by Dhillon along with attorneys Gil Sperlein, and Mark Meuser who is currently running for United States Senate in 2022 as a Republican candidate. The plaintiffs have named Governor Newsom, the state’s health director, the California Highway Patrol (as they typically handle permitting of similar events), the California Department of Justice, and the State’s Attorney General as defendants in this case.

Bish wanted to take a stand against these oppressive man-made laws seen as threatening public safety; Bish made it clear that she wasn’t “going down without a fight”. For the last two years, Bish has been leading the charge in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and winning at nearly every turn.  Democrat governor Gavin Newsom threatened his constituents who denied his executive orders with penalties and arrest, seeking to enforce unconstitutionally strict standards for everyone but himself in California as it is well documented that Newsom violated his own orders on numerous occasions to suit his personal agendas.

The State’s motions to dismiss have been denied, depositions have been taken on both sides and the case was scheduled for trial in September 2022. Attorneys in Givens vs Newsom have filed a motion for summary judgment with a hearing scheduled for June 7th, 2022 (Election Day) in hopes of bringing this outrageous government overreach to an end with precedent.

Bish’s concern is that these types of orders by elected officials directed at citizens (without merit or legal foundation) could get worse over the coming years and may bring more unconstitutional power grabs by governors and other elected officials across the country.  Bish made the decision to run for congress to represent her constituent’s best interests in times when the mere idea of real representation in Washington D.C. seems all but lost.  Bish is committed to serving the people and voting on all bills that come across her desk in a manner that she knows reflects the will of her constituents.

Bish knows there will be many challenges ahead for her hometown congressional district and in the United States Congress, especially after so many liberal governors and other officials went rogue in this country and grossly abused their power by issuing ludicrous orders. Alongside friend Ron Givens, she will always fight against these outrageous acts from any elected or appointed official.